About Us

About Us

About Kapitus – Our Mission Statement

At Kapitus, our mission is to empower every business to succeed by providing the best financing options – when they need it and how they need it. Whether we are working with a business directly or through a strategic partner, we will work diligently to provide the most convenient, cost- effective and appropriate financing solution for a business’s needs. We promise to keep the best interests of our clients at the center of the financing process by operating with transparency, fairness, and integrity. We will continue to empower small businesses by making educated financial decisions, as we have since our inception in 2006.

  • 2006


    Company Founded as Strategic Funding Source.

    • 10 Total Employees
    • $1.1M Dollars Funded
    • 25 Businesses Funded
  • 2008


    Built out our customer service department and expanded with offices in Williamsburg, Virginia.

    • 27 Total Employees
    • $16.7M Dollars Funded
    • 434 Businesses Funded
  • 2010


    Through a refined underwriting process and a focus on the long-term, the company successfully remained profitable despite the economic recession.

    • 54 Total Employees
    • $118.5M Dollars Funded
    • 2274 Businesses Funded
  • 2012


    Received first senior bank line from Capital One, expanding our ability to provide financing to business owners.

    • 66 Total Employees
    • $260.1M Dollars Funded
    • 4,767 Businesses Funded
  • 2014


    Received $110 Million Line of Equity from Pine Brook Investment Firm enabling technology enhancements and the ability to deliver more capital to small businesses.

    • 114 Total Employees
    • $556.9M Dollars Funded
    • 9,869 Businesses Funded
  • 2016


    Added financing marketplace to assist all businesses in acquiring financing regardless of their unique situation.

    • 220 Total Employees
    • $1.2B Dollars Funded
    • 16,858 Businesses Funded
  • 2018:


    Secured first securitization expandable to $500MM.

    • 225 Total Employees
    • $2B Dollars Funded
    • 25,000 Businesses Funded
  • 2021

    • 242 Total Employees
    • $3B Dollars Funded
    • 64,000 Businesses Funded
  • 2022

    • 241 Total Employees
    • $5B Dollars Funded
    • 50,000 Businesses Funded

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With industry experts helping to shape the alternative lending industry, Kapitus is making waves

From being expert resources for the media, to speaking at industry and small business conferences, the Kapitus team is actively shaping and improving the alternative financing industry. Check out what our leadership team has been up to, where you can meet with us in person and the exciting things that have been going on here at Kapitus.